I did not have great success getting out into the world of coffee in this city. Am I cheap? Am I lazy? <clears throat> why… no, not at all! Munich, like Berlin, is also a university town. There are young people, coffee shops, and lots of bars. It is  considerably different culturally here than in Berlin – the Bavaria, the money, the neat and tidy. Getting around is easy enough – I easily located and navigated to my target coffee establishments using good ol’ Google Maps. Speaking of getting around, just consider that you might need a stronger grasp on the German language in Munich, the city is generally less international than in Berlin. Anyways, this probably doesn’t really impact coffee… so I’ll get to it.



  • Man Versus Machine Coffee Bar Maxvorstadt (link) – a great pour over, hot chocolate was good enough for a 2nd cup! I liked that they had two options, a fruity and a chocolate roast. Benino would have loved the chocolate one, I preferred the fruity. We had a very sensual couple sitting next to us giving us a free show of public affection. We were inventing situation dramas about their lives – I think we settled that we think they were a teacher + student hook up. Mainly because there was an obvious age gap. Hey, I won’t judge – I landed a much younger woman myself! Yee-haw!
  • delmocca Kaffeerösterei und Kuchenbar (link) – This place has gotten a lot of local press on it’s amazing roasts and entrepreneurship. I was quite disappointed with my coffee. The didn’t have filter coffee, which is my go-to – so perhaps I’m just turning my nose to espresso. Anyways, wasn’t a fan. Kacey didn’t dig her hot chocolate. The cake we had was very interesting – but I wouldn’t get it again. Sorry guys.





Coffee Snob in Munich
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Coffee Snob in Munich
I did not have great success getting out into the world of coffee in this city. Am I cheap? Am I lazy? Read about my Munich coffee adventures.
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