What can I tell you about coffee in Berlin? Well now, I can say that Berliners love coffee. If all shopping is done in discount supermarkets, which reside in every neighborhood, perhaps mediocre coffee is all you get. What I noticed is the large stock of dehydrated coffee crystals (of various brands). They outnumber beans 3:1 at least. In cafés, the beans are meh and surely alright for the regular coffee drinker. There is better coffee here, you just have to know where to get it. For those of us that have an, ahem, refined palette – I’m going to try and sniff out the best brew shops in town.



  •  The Barn – a great pour over, but don’t come here for hot chocolate
  •  Bonanza Coffee Heroes – yes, you should drink here – Read my post telling you all about the coffee I poured into my throat here. They have the best hot chocolate in town to boot. This was my overall Berlin favorite. Filter coffee – no pour over
  •  Kaffeerösterei Pakolat – yes, this place has good coffee and cool ambience for chilling with your best friend. Interesting space/decor and relaxed setting. No pour overs, but filter coffee was good
  • Five Elephant – it’s good! I had a nice and fruity pour over. I liked
  • Godshot – no pour over, no filter coffee. I didn’t care for the mixed espresso I ordered. The space is super cool though.
  • Westberlin – this space, just down from Checkpoint Charlie was incredible. Great filter coffee, excellent eats and delicious cakes. Looks like appropriate seating for some work or study away from the home. I highly recommend this coffee, if it was closer to my hideout I would have probably ranked this #1 Coffee In All Berlin
  • No Fire No Glory – this place is worthy of your patronage. The space is small but comfortable. Pour over was good and fruity (sorry Benino, I’m pretty much only sticking to fruity). The food was fine, I noticed several other folks grabbing lunch here – we just had a treat.





Coffee Snob in Berlin
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Coffee Snob in Berlin
What can I tell you about coffee in Berlin? Well now, I can say that Berliners love coffee. There is excellent coffee in this city - let me show you where.
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