There are lots of places to get coffee all over Berlin. After trying many cups out of many cafes, I’m now convinced the only refuge left for me to find drinkable coffee is from actual roasters. I got this idea simply because my favorite coffee in San Diego is no doubt the Dark Horse Coffee Roasters. The first roaster I came upon in Berlin is called the Bonanza Coffee House (gmap). Check out the other coffee houses I’ve passed judgement on here.

Yes, this sterile looking roomy joint provides quite a delicious cup of joe. It will be a small cup, and you won’t get much of a smile from the stone face kid at the register. Located near Mauer Park – which has the summertime karaoke extravaganzas and the year round Sunday market. The coffee is wonderful and the hot chocolate is THE BEST so far. Its worth the walk. Do it!

We payed this place a second visit after exploring the Sunday Mauer Park market last weekend. It was insane busy! In addition to the short menu of coffee usuals, they also were peddling some almond or chocolate croissants which looked incredibly good. I can’t be the only one who likes their their pastry served warm am I? Some other time I’ll post about some interesting tendencies German’s have – such as avoiding the use of microwaves. I’m okay with that.

This is me enjoying this coffee outside, where the coffee is quickly turning from hot, to warm, to ice. Look at the extreme joy on my face! It’s good. I need to find more of these coffee roasters. Simply the best.

  • Do you trust microwaves?
  • Will you compromise on your coffee beans?
  • More importantly, will you travel around the world to have a cup of coffee with me?
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