For 28 years, Checkpoint Charlie would serve as the main crossing point for all foreigners and the single crossing point allowed for Allied forces (the ‘Western Allies’ included the US, France and British). Although the Berlin Wall came down on the night of November 9th, 1989, the Checkpoint remained in effect until October of 1990 following the German reunification and is now a part of the open air Allied Museum. The museum emphasizes the role the Allied Forces played during the Cold War in contributing to the liberation of Berlin. Although Checkpoint Charlie may not be much to look at, understanding the history and what the small shed represented makes it a must-see for those who consider themselves to be ‘history buffs’. The two museums boast of cold war photos, documentation, and artifacts of successful and attempted escapes at Checkpoint Charlie and at other points along the wall along with maps, military uniforms, old post-war newspapers, a French railway carriage, a Berlin transport plane, and a reconstructed East Berlin guard tower. A fascinating and not too time consuming stop next to one of the best coffee shops (with the most delicious carrot cake!) we have found in Berlin- westberlin 

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Achtung! Halt! Visit Checkpoint Charlie

On your way there (or afterwards) stop by the westberlin Coffee shop. It’s just a few blocks away and is sehr gut!



Need Some Inspiration?

Try out one of these nearby tours. The museums right around the Checkpoint are worthwhile – but you can’t bring your Segway inside…

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