My name is Kacey Wehr, and I am many things- I am from San Diego, California; I am a woman; a daughter; a wife; a stepmother; a friend; a Marriage & Family Therapist; a teacher; an aspiring writer and blogger; a singer; a jewelry maker; an artist; a lover of learning; a skin cancer and endometriosis survivor and warrior; and an occasional homemaker. I tend to be a ‘nester’ who prefers to dig in roots somewhere and make it ‘feel like home’ (although I am learning how to redefine ‘home’ these days!). I am confident in most settings but timid in others, and I am technologically stunted (but am married to a tech savvy genius, so it all works out). I am good at understanding people and connecting with others, and I love hard but only let a small few into the innermost levels of my heart and life. Interestingly, “traveler” is not a word I would have used to describe myself until very recently but it is one adjective I hope to add to the “many things” that I am as I begin this new adventure with my husband (Nick, the ‘tech savvy genius’). Come journey with me (us) as I share our experiences and adventures, and as explore the mental and emotional processes that come with world traveling and living abroad.